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Iphone and Ipad App Development

At Silista , we understand the eco-system required for success in the App-Store and provide both development and consulting services around the following iPhone and iPad application development areas:
  • Application design & wire framing
  • App-Store strategy
  • Application development & testing
  • App-Store submission & approval
  • Application updates & maintenance
  • Support and Training

We are marketing savvy people who will assist with your project from conceptualization, right through to the App Store submission stage and beyond. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an industry entrant or a mid-size firm, Silista , is committed to help you launch a successful app. As your iPhone developer and/or iPad developer, we promise an unparalleled level of service throughout the project – from initial meetings and ideation to deployment in the App Store and every step in between.

The Way we Work

We look at app development not only from a technical perspective, but also with marketing eyes that can help you identify and make the most of the opportunities in this space. What we do-

  • Mobile strategy and research - App starts with a great idea and a robust strategy to turn it into a reality.
  • User Experience Design - User Experience is paramount. People want great design that's simple to use. Silista provides the right experience, relevant functionality and beautiful design.
  • Testing and Deployment - Silista rigorous testing process ensures your app performs brilliantly on release. No bugs, just features.
  • Marketing and feedback - We understand the importance of promoting your app so it can stand out from the crowd. We can help you develop and execute a marketing plan that will give your app the visibility it deserves.

What makes us special?

It's all about the experience and passion. Our developers love to make apps that are fun and simple to use. Whether you are looking for an iPad App Developer or an iPhone App Developer, the Silista team is here to help.

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