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Payroll Software

Enter a whole new world of superior payroll processing with Silistas Payroll software. It is web-based, easy to access, fast and amazingly accurate. It delivers pay cheques with ease, complete with error-free calculations, and ensure compliances like taxation and PF, to disburse salary and reimbursements on time.

Silista’s Payroll software is a product created by specialists. It synergises the best of features, functionalities that ensures implementing compensation practices of leading industries. The product is developed with the help of internal expertise, chartered accountants and customers, ensuring a perfect technology match for the payroll process.

  • Key Features of Payroll Software
    • Flexible to create multi-company payrolls with unlimited number of employees
    • Calculate tax, gratuity, medical & tax credits, final settlements, increments and arrears
    • Maintain separate salary component templates for different categories of employees
    • Fully compliant with local laws
    • Has a formula builder for custom calculations
    • Multi-currency support
    • Tightly integrated with compensation and claims modules
    • Offers the highest level of security. In addition to the HRMS security there is also a user level pay group security (access). This restricts the user to view only the pay groups to which they have been given rights
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